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Motto: This is what happens when Insanity and Banality come together.

Location: North Central Florida, United States

I'm an aging boomer, white male (cue scary music); not religious, mostly conservative. Married to the same woman forever. No kids-by choice (I believe in personal choice in most areas of life). Voted mostly Republican until November 2000 when the national Democrats tried to steal the election in Florida. I promised to never again vote for another Democrat; kept that promise to date.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

American Taliban

The American Taliban is on the march.

Preceded by the Democrat Brown Shirts to cow the population, the Taliban will now destroy all unacceptable speech and statuary.

They have their gods on their side. You will bow.


The American Taliban is on the march. The only history is the correct history as determined on a daily basis.

Be careful, Democrats. These dogs will slip their leashes and will turn on most of you unless you accept their gods as your own.

I've said for many years that totalitarianism will come to America only from the Left.

I Denounce!

I denounce racism! All subsets of racism. But since I know that racism has many forms and colors, guess I'm a Nazi or at least a white supremacist. Liberal logic.

When will it be enough?

Can the American Night of Broken Glass be far behind?

Liberals and other Democrats...your Brown Shirts are marching; are you in control?

When will it be enough?


Book burning is inevitable. What is the "liberal" position on this?

Art burning after that? People banning after that?

When will it be enough?

I Believe

I believe in the First Amendment, individual freedoms and person choice. These are significant reasons why America has been great and has gotten through many tough times in our past.

Remember when just a few years ago a New York City art museum had a work of art that consisted of a crucifix that was dunked in a jar of urine? You know, the great art work aka Piss Christ? There was later another work of art that had excrement covering a rendering of the Virgin Mary.

Remember when Liberals and other Enlightened People celebrated this art and railed against the Troglodyte religious fanatics and conservative masses who had a problem with such art? Ah, so much smugness and snickering about the Unenlightened backward peasants who didn't believe in freedom of artistic expression. Freedom of expression was paramount and there was a First Amendment after all.

Where are those Enlightened People now? Presently statues and other works of art are being protested, destroyed, defiled and railed against. Surely all art is sacred and must be protected.

Bizarre how fast things can change, huh?

Democrat Brown Shirts marching in the streets, Democrat Media praising them and vilifying any who do not agree.

Democrat politicians thinking they are in control of the mob.

Republican cowards thinking all will be well if they go along to get along.

Does no one read history anymore; or is history whatever the hell those in power say it is.

Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, and the not so ancient National Socialists Germany, have much to teach us, but seem to be ignored by those who should know better. And so much history and historical consequences are no longer being taught to the young.

But why bother when so many older people do not remember. Hell, the current example of Venezuela is being ignored or deliberately misconstrued.

Are there are no longer any true Liberals? I'm so glad I was kicked out of that club for not goose stepping in formation. When I was very liberal, I didn't have to be a conforming leftist and was able to have my own opinions and others were able to have theirs and we could still get along.

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Saturday, August 08, 2015

Pointless Query

I know it's a cliche, but what would happen to a white separatist leader if urged death to 'others?'

Farrakhan: We Must Rise Up and Kill Those Who Kill Us; Stalk Them and Kill Them

The Scumbag in Chief

There is no lie that President Prick(ly) will not tell.

He knows this can be checked so easily, but he's had such a free ride from our alphabet media for so long that he knows he will be covered.

“Obama knows that also Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries oppose the accord, but Israel is the only brave country to do it publicly."

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Feminists. Feh!

You tell them, Michelle. Feminists in general and their writers in particular are a bunch of whiny pussies.

Conservative women writers, especially those "of color," take all the crap from Libs and Feminists AND get trashed by the Washington Post. Nothing scares a Lib, especially Lib men, than a strong woman. And strong conservative women make them pee their pants.
News flash: Conservative women face abuse too, but they're not quitting.

Well, well.

Well, imagine that.
Interesting isn't it how upset Dems and other liberals get when truth is told about them.
It still pisses me off how Dems and other Libs trashed and still trash George W for being a drunk and killing American soldiers "for oil" getting us in wars that have destroyed the Middle East.
But dare to question Lord Obama's patriotism or even his abilities? Racist! My but what prissy children are Democrats. They so easily get the vapors.
Of course Obama is the least patriotic president we've had. Hell, how could he not be.

I've read "his" book...his mother was an America hater who loved getting busy with foreign America haters. Then takes little Barry to the least American places on earth. Then his granddaddy takes him to an America hater American communist to "learn how to be black." Then he marries an American hating woman and spends 2 decades in an America hating church.
Now, did I mis-read "his" two books or not?
In 2008 then Senator Obama called President Bush "unpatriotic" for adding trillions to the national debt. Bush added about four trillion to the debt in eight years after...

Obama not a Christian? Why, you jest!

I actually don't agree with Scott Walker but I understand why he doesn't really know.
I don't think Obama is a Muslim, but I'm damned sure he's not a Christian.
How dare I question his Christianity? Because I'm not a damned fool and I don't drink anyone's kool-aid.
There's a bible verse some of you will recognize "by their works you shall know them." Obama spent 20 years in racist, American hating church. He has nothing good to say about Christianity except some platitudes that don't seem very relevant to Christianity.
So no, I don't question if he's a Christian. He's not.

As a recovering atheist, I recognize a fellow traveler. He will be whatever he needs to be to get what he wants. So he found his niche in the Democrat party and blathers to the boobs whatever they want or need to hear.
The potential 2016 contender dismissed questions about the president’s faith as insignificant.

Of Course.

None are taught true history or are freaking idiots.

Che was on t-shirts and posters when I was a teen, but too many of us were asses back then because he was treated same as rock stars. Of course back then it was current events and youth are generally shallow. However it is now verifiable history that Che was a murderer and terrorist and a racist who despised black Cubans and others he found subhuman. Same as the Nazis. But some lies become the truth.

Why is it only the leftists make heroes of such evil people?
Did y'all see this interview John Stossel did with Michael Moynihan from the Daily Beast exposing the morons who wear Che Guevara stuff? Because it's a must see....

Oh, No!!

Look, I'm not surprised about climate criers.

I've been following this for more than 30 years. I once was a True Believer in Global Warming/Climate Change until I found I'd been lied to or at least misinformed. Now most of the misinformation was presented with the best of intentions ... at the beginning ... and was understandable but since Al Gores simplistic book when he thought he could become president but became VP I and we have been treated as easily led fools. Don't know about you but that pisses me off.

Kerry the horse face boy

Jeebus what an ass. And he wanted to be president. Well, he wouldn't have been worse than Prez Putz but that defines "damning with faint praise."

Nothing to see here

Nothing to worry about. Obama and his minions are all over this. Can't wait to see what happens when Obama allows them to go nuclear.
"WATCH: Iran fired missiles and attacked a scale replica of a U.S. warship as part of a large-scale military exercise of their naval and air defense forces in the Strait of Hormuz."  (Fox Business)

Friday, December 19, 2014

A Seasonal Re-Post: Scrooge Was Libeled!

I think I'll Re-Post This from years ago.

I have felt for many years that Ebenezer Scrooge was criminally libeled and horribly misunderstood.  The following is an article that pretty well states my position.  Enjoy.  And do you agree?

Scrooge Defended

by Michael Levin


It's Christmas again, time to celebrate the transformation of Ebenezer Scrooge. You know the ritual: boo the curmudgeon initially encountered in Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, then cheer the sweetie pie he becomes in the end. It's too bad no one notices that the curmudgeon had a point—quite a few points, in fact.

To appreciate them, it is necessary first to distinguish Scrooge's outlook on life from his disagreeable persona. He is said to have a pointed nose and a harsh voice, but not all hardheaded businessmen are so lamentably endowed, nor are their feckless nephews (remember Fred?) always "ruddy and handsome," and possessed of pretty wives. These touches of the storyteller's art only bias the issue.

So let's look without preconceptions at Scrooge's allegedly underpaid clerk, Bob Cratchit. The fact is, if Cratchit's skills were worth more to anyone than the fifteen shillings Scrooge pays him weekly, there would be someone glad to offer it to him. Since no one has, and since Cratchit's profit-maximizing boss is hardly a man to pay for nothing, Cratchit must be worth exactly his present wages.
No doubt Cratchit needs—i.e., wants—more, to support his family and care for Tiny Tim. But Scrooge did not force Cratchit to father children he is having difficulty supporting. If Cratchit had children while suspecting he would be unable to afford them, he, not Scrooge, is responsible for their plight. And if Cratchit didn't know how expensive they would be, why must Scrooge assume the burden of Cratchit's misjudgment?

As for that one lump of coal Scrooge allows him, it bears emphasis that Cratchit has not been chained to his chilly desk. If he stays there, he shows by his behavior that he prefers his present wages-plus-comfort package to any other he has found, or supposes himself likely to find. Actions speak louder than grumbling, and the reader can hardly complain about what Cratchit evidently finds satisfactory.

More notorious even than his miserly ways are Scrooge's cynical words. "Are there no prisons," he jibes when solicited for charity, "and the Union workhouses?"

Terrible, right? Lacking in compassion?

Not necessarily. As Scrooge observes, he supports those institutions with his taxes. Already forced to help those who can't or won't help themselves, it is not unreasonable for him to balk at volunteering additional funds for their extra comfort.

Scrooge is skeptical that many would prefer death to the workhouse, and he is unmoved by talk of the workhouse's cheerlessness. He is right to be unmoved, for society's provisions for the poor must be, well, Dickensian. The more pleasant the alternatives to gainful employment, the greater will be the number of people who seek these alternatives, and the fewer there will be who engage in productive labor. If society expects anyone to work, work had better be a lot more attractive than idleness.

The normally taciturn Scrooge lets himself go a bit when Cratchit hints that he would like a paid Christmas holiday. "It's not fair," Scrooge objects, a charge not met by Cratchit's patently irrelevant protest that Christmas comes but once a year. Unfair it is, for Cratchit would doubtless object to a request for a day's uncompensated labor, "and yet," as Scrooge shrewdly points out, "you don't think me ill used when I pay a day's wages for no work."

Cratchit has apparently forgotten the golden rule. (Or is it that Scrooge has so much more than Cratchit that the golden rule does not come into play? But Scrooge doesn't think he has that much, and shouldn't he have a say in the matter?)

Scrooge's first employer, good old Fezziwig, was a lot freer with a guinea—he throws his employees a Christmas party. What the Ghost of Christmas Past does not explain is how Fezziwig afforded it. Did he attempt to pass the added costs to his customers? Or did young Scrooge pay for it anyway by working for marginally lower wages?

The biggest of the Big Lies about Scrooge is the pointlessness of his pursuit of money. "Wealth is of no use to him. He doesn't do any good with it," opines ruddy nephew Fred.

Wrong on both counts. Scrooge apparently lends money, and to discover the good he does one need only inquire of the borrowers. Here is a homeowner with a new roof, and there a merchant able to finance a shipment of tea, bringing profit to himself and happiness to tea drinkers, all thanks to Scrooge.

Dickens doesn't mention Scrooge's satisfied customers, but there must have been plenty of them for Scrooge to have gotten so rich.

Scrooge is said to hound debtors so relentlessly that—as the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Be is able to show him—an indebted couple rejoices at his demise. The mere delay while their debt is transferred will avert the ruin Scrooge would have imposed.
This canard is triply absurd. First, a businessman as keen as Scrooge would prefer to delay payment to protect his investment rather than take possession of possibly useless collateral. (No bank wants developers to fail and leave it the proud possessor of a half-built shopping mall.) Second, the fretful couple knew and agreed to the terms on which Scrooge insisted. By reneging on the deal, they are effectively engaged in theft. Third, most important, and completely overlooked by Ghost and by Dickens, there are hopefuls whose own plans turn on borrowing the money returned to Scrooge from his old accounts. Scrooge can't relent what Caroline and her unnamed husband don't pay up, and he won't make a penny unless he puts the money to use after he gets it back.

The hard case, of course, is a payment due from Bob Cratchit, who needs the money for an emergency operation on Tiny Tim. (Here I depart from the text, but Dickens characters are so familiar to us they can be pressed into unfamiliar roles.) If you think it is heartless of Scrooge to demand payment, think of Sickly Sid, who needs an operation even more urgently than Tim does, and whose father is waiting to finance that operation by borrowing the money Cratchit is expected to pay up.

Is Tim's life more valuable than Sid's just because we've met him? And how do we explain to Sid's father that his son won't be able to have the operation after all, because Scrooge, as Christmas generosity, is allowing Cratchit to reschedule his debt? Scrooge does not circulate money from altruism, to be sure, but his motives, whatever they are, are congruent with the public good.

But what about those motives? Scrooge doesn't seem to get much satisfaction from the services he may inadvertently perform, and that seems to be part of Dickens's point. But who, apart from Dickens, says that Scrooge is not enjoying himself? He spends all his time at his business, likes to count his money, and has no outside interests.

At the same time, Scrooge is not given to brooding and shows absolutely no sign of depression or conflict. Whether he wished to or not, Dickens has made Scrooge by far the most intelligent character in his fable, and Dickens credits his creation with having nothing "fancy" about him. So we conclude that, in his undemonstrative way, Scrooge is productive and satisfied with his lot, which is to say happy.

There can be no arguing with Dickens's wish to show the spiritual advantages of love. But there was no need to make the object of his lesson an entrepreneur whose ideas and practices benefit his employees, society at large, and himself. Must such a man expect no fairer a fate than to die scorned and alone? Bah, I say. Humbug.
* * * * *
Michael Levin is professor of philosophy at the City University of New York.

518 W. Magnolia Avenue
Auburn, Alabama 36832-4528
(334) 321-2100 -- Phone
(334) 321-2119 -- Fax

Monday, November 03, 2014

Election Day 2014

Getting ready to vote tomorrow and then take the afternoon off for lots of personal errands. (note-personal stuff really accumulates when you don't take care of them timely)
Each item on the ballot is pretty cut and dried for me, except for governor.
On the one hand we have the current Republican governor-Rick Scott-who has been accused of illegal business dealings. But that was known and debated - OVER 4 years AGO when we first elected him. Oh, and as I recall, the allegations against Scott were about 10 years old even then. And, hmmm, let me recall...oh yes, Scott wasn't even indicted, much less convicted of a damned thing.
On the other hand we have the former Republican governor-Charlie Crist-who had a hissy fit when the Republican voters chose a Cuban American over him as senator. He left with his panties in a twist, became an "Independent" then a Democrat. On his way, he became a lawyer with an ambulance chasing law firm. Oh yes, now I recall...he also has denied every position he took over the years as Republican and is now the total bitch for the Democrats and Obama. He spouts the Democrat party line even more than real Democrats. And I've never liked his fake tan, which was the least fake thing about him.
Now that I think of it....not a hard decision after all.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

It's Possible?

From Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives.  
So you see, it can be done.  It seems that black people really are NO MORE INCOMPETENT THAN WHITE PEOPLE. 

Who knew?! 

Hmm, that would mean that Democrats have been lying about black people for decades.

Democrats - Always the Party of Racism.

"My name is Derrick. I am a black-American, a direct descendant of the slave trade in North America. Both of my parents are black, as are all 4 grand parents, all 8 great grand parents, all 16 great greats. I first attained a government-issued photo I.D. at the age of 16 when I passed the state driver's test. I have somehow managed to have a photo ID ever since.
My 87 y/o father has a photo ID, as does my sister as does my mother. My 82 y/o mom (has had a photo ID for 6 decades) lost her driver's license/photo ID last year. So she went to the DMV & got another one. No one hassled her b/c she's black. No one made her jump thru a bunch of hoops that white people do not have to jump thru. No on intimidated her. No one threatened her. They took her picture and information, politely told her what amount to make the check out for, and gladly gave her a new one."

My name is Derrick. I am a black-American, a direct descendant of the slave trade in North America. Both of my parents are black, as are all 4 grand parents...

Watch Out, Republicans! Here comes the Media's October Surprises

Beware, Republicans. The Democrat Big Media are out to get you...still. With lies...still.
The Democrat Media continues the Democrat War on Women. This time it's Joni Ernst.
Tell me, Democrat women...will you let your Party's War on Women "kill" another woman?
Your Party won't continue its War on your sex IF you say No...Hell, No...you won't go.
If any of your trusted news sources includes the Daily Kos...you will believe any crap your Party dishes out.

If so, the Democrat War on Women will continue.
October is always full of political revelations. Take, for instance, Kirsten Anderson, who was fired from her position as communications director for the Iowa Senate Republican Caucus in May 2013. So it’s curious that she waited until three weeks...

Uh Oh...Did I Get It Wrong? Nah!

Wow. Maybe the cop didn't "murder" the innocent giant. Maybe the innocent giant was a thug who tried to hurt the cop. Maybe the Sharptons and Jacksons of this world are lying sacks of crap who want to start a race war. Maybe the Dept of "Justice" of the Obama administration want to make sure a race war starts.
Can you say, "Tawanna Brawley." I wonder how Sharpton will handle THIS news from the Ferguson grand jury?

Hillary's History

The Democrat Party faithful know all of this. And want Hillary! anyway. Because they want BJ Bill back in the White House.
BJ used and abused women. Hillary ran the original Democrat War on Women to protect BJ - and herself - so she could finally have the power she so desired.
Democrats. They will vote for her, maybe not at first but they will come around. What choice do they have? They refuse to learn from their past mistakes and have to burden us with those mistakes.
It's always Groundhog Day with Democrats.
Bill Clinton wanted to run for president in 1988, but didn’t because “he was terrified that one or more of his countless paramours would come forward,”...

Monday, September 22, 2014

I once called myself a liberal and I was a good member of the party...until I got kicked out. (parts 1 - 4)

I once called myself a liberal and I was a good member of the party...until I got kicked out. (part 1)

I was against the Viet Nam war when I went into college. I attended a few antiwar demonstrations. That was good and I was appreciated as a fellow traveler. But I was looked upon as one with questionable loyalties when I said I was against the Viet Nam war (as it was then being fought, frankly) but I DID NOT HATE the Military nor despise those who served. This attitude was mitigated because I did everything I could (legally) to not be drafted. BUT I was being monitored as a possible turncoat.

I once called myself a liberal and I was a good member of the party...until I got kicked out. (part 2)

I believed that racism was wrong. I believed that men and women were all equal under the law. I believed in funding the “social safety net” to help the disadvantaged. But I also believed in financial accountability and cost efficiency of every government program, particularly "social" programs. Well, I think I was considered something of a hater, but I was an accountant and at that time financial accountability wasn't an anti-liberal thing.

I once called myself a liberal and I was a good member of the party...until I got kicked out. (part 3)

I believed that marijuana was not a problem (frankly even cocaine) and it should be legalized. Well, we were all on the same page in the party. Good times. Later, upon reflection and observation, I changed my opinion to marijuana was not dangerous but it did have some unacceptable consequences with some users. So, maybe if not legalize, then definitely decriminalize it. Sending users to jail for a toke? Ridiculous!

The right thing to do, I said, was to legalize it and treat it same as tobacco was...then. It would make it safer and provide tax revenues. Win-Win, right?

Well, that was a great recommendation for my fellow Liberals...at the time. How forward thinking, how logical, how....superior we were to all the neanderthals. But then my fellow Libs came down on tobacco smoking with a vengeance and forced smokers into ghettos and to stand out in the rain to smoke, while at the same time still claiming that potheads had better rights not to be bothered, it was all personal choice. I found that to be incongruous and said so. This was not appreciated.

I once called myself a liberal and I was a good member of the party...until I got kicked out. (part 4)

I wasn't religious but I DID NOT DESPISE those who are believers; in fact I expressed love for many of them.

Okay, now it was pretty certain I was in fact some kind of religious kook even though I rarely went into a church. BUT at that time even a few liberals attended church and expressed some nominal religious convictions that even involved the Christian bible so I wasn't called out on that.

Oh, and even a very few of fellow travelers were against abortion on moral and religious and biblical grounds.

(I know, hard to believe, right? I swear it's true. But remember this was before the Liberals/Democrats forbade true believers from the top echelon of leadership.)

I once called myself a liberal and I was a good member of the party...until I got kicked out. (parts 5 - 7)

I once called myself a liberal and I was a good member of the party...until I got kicked out. (part 5)

I was extremely pro-choice, but which I mean I insisted that a woman could abort her baby whenever she felt like it. An inalienable right, one could say. Oh, and that a loving, supportive State should pay for it.

But then I became radicalized on the matter and proffered that The State/We The People even had an interest to ensure abortions. I was almost Red Chinese on this issue in that any woman on public assistance should be forcibly and strongly counseled on aborting her baby. And I was even open to the idea of forced abortions if The State was going to be responsible for taking care of the “child” after being born.

Not my best hour, I agree. Also this is when I became aware that the Left was always the Totalitarian Party. All must submit to The State.

This really confused some of my fellow travelers. Abortion was good...but was I a hater of the downtrodden and protected classes? Yet still I was a believer in unrestricted abortion and so remained a member of the party...thus far.

I once called myself a liberal and I was a good member of the party...until I got kicked out. (part 6)

Regarding homosexuality, I was then in very good stead. I was against any recriminations of the gay lifestyle. Whether due to nature or nurture or a Fun Saturday Night, this didn't matter to me; gays were my fellows in this world and had the same rights.

I did draw the line at gay marriage because I knew that marriage historically had been between men and women so what right-thinking person would want to mess with that issue when there was a much better way to go. THAT was “civil union” or at worst having gays establish “civil partnerships” with all rights and duties legally identified. Add a durable power of attorney and the gay couple could represent each other within the law. Hell, I even thought that was a great way to go for most hetero couples in lieu of marriage.

And I was regarded as a caring Liberal, an intellectual Liberal! But of course that was over 20 years ago. Now that position makes me a Gay Bashing Hater. But back then, I was still welcome to play on the Liberal playground. My how times can change, and quickly.

I once called myself a liberal and I was a good member of the party...until I got kicked out. (part 7)
But I then went a bridge too far.
I was pro-choice, no doubt about that. BUT I began to question the faith of “indiscriminate abortion at any time and any place and how the hell dare you to say otherwise.”
You see, I do believe in Science, including Medical Science.
When I allowed myself to think logically about abortion, I ran into a intellectual problem.

At a certain stage, the fetus is not simply a clump of cells, equal to the same matter as something that you spat out as part of the process of clearing your throat. One clump can have a heart beat, that inconsequential clump can feel discomfort, that annoying clump can look like a human. Then I made myself look at pictures of aborted fetuses and you know what?; some of them looked like little babies. So I questioned: when does a clump become a fetus and when does a clump become a baby?

You see, I was starting to question the only true religion of the Party...a Woman's Right To Choose.

And I was losing the faith. But not yet lost.

I once called myself a liberal and I was a good member of the party...until I got kicked out. (parts 8 - 9)

I once called myself a liberal and I was a good member of the party...until I got kicked out. (part 8)

The day came during the Clinton years (1993-2000) when there was a national debate on abortion. Remember, some of you, when BJ Clinton said he wanted abortion to be legal, safe and rare? A great thought that mirrored my thoughts. (Still does.) But at the same time....NO LIBERAL would even consider that Partial Birth Abortion should not be allowed. And that bothered me. You see, my fellow Liberals...all loving, all kind...stood by the position that Partial Birth Abortion was very rare and was only done to save the life of the mother. EVEN though that would be an impossibility given the way that the procedure is performed. I had done my research to support my pro-abortion proclivities and found that (wait for it): There IS a birth, it's just that the “fetus” is manipulated to come out only part of the way so that the doctor can puncture “its” brain and destroy it. If the doctor slips just a bit, there would be a live birth. If you performed that same procedure then, you would be murdering an infant. But a few seconds earlier, while still in the birth canal, you are performing a therapeutic abortion. And how the hell can that be better for the mother than allowing the birth?

t around the same time I saw a picture of a surgeon performing an intra-utero surgery on a “fetus” to save “its” “life.” That particular clump of cells had a fully formed hand with fingers that stuck out of the “mother” and grabbed the doctor's hand. Interesting action for a clump of cells, I thought. And that thought hurt. And this time I didn't turn away. Well, not fully away.

So I remained “pro-choice” but with (what I thought was) a small caveat. Partial Birth Abortion is infanticide, so don't do it. Let the woman still have the right to destroy her creation, I mean, clump of cells at some earlier stage BUT draw the line at murder. Surely Medical Science could come up with such a line.

Now I knew my revised position was riddled with inconsistencies (and still is) and I was very queasy with my position, but I was still pro-abortion, wasn't I?

Yet, that was it-the final straw.

I could not be a member of the Liberal class if I didn't fully support unlimited and unrestricted abortion. Hell, I wasn't able to even question a portion of it. Abortion was the Sacrament. My position was Sacrilege; this was Heresy worthy of the ultimate punishment of the religion.

So I was kicked out on my ass. Couldn’t even play in the playground after my former fellows went home.
And haven't regretted it.

I once called myself a liberal and I was a good member of the party...until I got kicked out. (part 9)

You see, I'm pretty much the same as I ever was.

And I've been able to question my positions and prejudices without being charged with blasphemy.

Quite freeing.

So I've self-classified when needed as conservative because the lines have been drawn and sometimes you have to choose a side. I “enlisted” in the Republican Party because there are still a few economic and realist conservatives who reside only there. I do not threaten the “religious right” who at most would convert me (and pray for me, which I appreciate) but do not threaten to ostracize me.

So I've found my niche. It's comfortable enough for now. And I've confused some people because I don't fit in a particular box.

I've found that Libertarians are those who usually don't want to take a position for which they will be held responsible. So they get to bitch and bitch...with a superior attitude. I've found that Progressives...hah, what a word for smug totalitarians...are just Liberals who are just Democrats.

My philosophy: “Don't screw with me or mine. And I won't screw with you or yours.”

In short, let's all of us leave all of us the hell alone. Maybe then we can find that common ground. I won't care who you're sleeping with, and you shut your yap about what I eat. I won't care if you believe that Mother Gaia is angry with her children, just leave me alone with my opinion that there is little we can do to prevent climate change. I won't care what your drug of choice is, and you will allow me to peacefully smoke what I want. You get the gist, right?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Republicans are the Racist Party? Please!

Of course it's a myth. The Democrat Party remains the racist party. They don't respect minorities nor expect them to behave as capable Americans; they still must have the aid and direction and correction of their White Masters. Like sheep. And the masters have their Judas Goats in Jackson, Sharpton and others.